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My Caribbean Videos website is a lighthearted look at some of the great videos on the Internet of the Caribbean Islands. If you were ask anyone to name Ten Caribbean Islands, how many do you think they would get? Let me see, Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, Cuba, Dominican Republic for sure, Anguilla, Aruba, St Croix, St Martin, Grenada, Guadalupe I’m not too sure they would get those, do you? The fact is that there are lots of islands in the Caribbean, some of them no bigger than a football pitch, others large enough to call themselves a nation and some, like the island of Hispania, is home to both the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic .

The Caribbean throws up exotic pictures of Pirates, buried treasure, fair maids and lots of Yo-Ho-Ho! The Caribbean also allows us to picture exactly what paradise would look like, beautiful islands with white sand, blue skies and Chrystal clear waters, exotic coloured plants and birds, unusual fruits and plants that are all the colours of the rainbow. But is it really like that? Is the Caribbean Sea really that clear, the beaches lines with palm trees and coconuts, is the sky in the Caribbean as blue as people make out? I’m sorry to have to tell you but, yes! It’s true.

Don’t worry though, if you have never set sail for far off Montego Bay or weighed anchor in off the Virgin Islands, even if you have never sipped Rum while watching the sun sink into the Caribbean Sea, we have the videos for you to watch, you can then choose a place and go there, we will have a complete list of all the best holiday packages from holiday companies such as Sandals Resorts, we’ll have some First Choice Holidays videos, Perfect Places, Thomson Holidays, you name it, we don’t mind who’s video is displayed on our website, we just want you to find your first choice of the perfect places in the Caribbean Islands, such as Anguilla, St. Barts, Jamaica, The Bahams and many more beautiful islands..

My Caribbean Videos is a website from Jamaican Treasures, the top villa rentals company in the Caribbean islands and other exotic places around the world; with 1200 luxury villas we can offer you the first choice of the best bargains in all the perfect places and tropical paradise locations. Watch out for the Hot Villa Deals, grab yourself a real bargain holiday in a top Caribbean luxury villas, also watch out for the Sandals Holidays and Sandals Weddings packages that are on offer, we’ll try our best to highlight the best bargain villas in the first choice locations.

When you get back from your Caribbean vacation, wedding or reunion, you can then send us your videos, photographs and stories and we’ll add them to the site. How cool is that. Enjoy the Caribbean Videos.

Below are examples of some of my favourite Caribbean related videos, the rest can be seen from clicking in the top right hand drop down box. Enjoy!

JAMAICA:THE PORTALAND JERK FOOD FESTIVAL This is a great video from MyJamaicaJTB and the delightful Crystal at the Port Antonio, Portland Jerk food festival in 2011. This Jamaica video gives you an insight into the wonderful Jamaican culture and of course, jerks Food. If you have never been lucky enough to have tasted Jerk food then you are in for a treat when you visit Jamaica, it's spicy, it's hot, it's sweet, and it is absolutely delicious, you will be coming back for more, trust me on that one. For more things to do on your vacation in Jamaica please visit The Spirit of Jamaica Website for details.

Here we go with a great video of the 2010 Carnival in Trinidad from Najo20 and if you needed any excuse whatsoever to get down and really enjoy yourself then a vacation in Trinidad is the best excuse that I know of. There is an explosion of colour, sound and it’s buzzing with people really enjoying the occasion. The costumes are really fantastic and you can understand why locals and tourists flock to the Carnival. In case you have never been to Trinidad, Trinidad is off the coast of Venezuela.


This video from the World of Travel is excellent as a rough guide to Saint Barts, Saint Barthelemy, St Barty and any number of affectionate names given to this beautiful little island that is a magnate for the rich and famous as well as your regular wide eyed traveler to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Although the music sucks (I’m not a jazz fan or easy listening /Musak fan) the video is nonetheless excellent and one that I have watched many times. My Luxury villas have some delightful vacation rental villas in St Barts, why not take a look, heres the link.


In case you are wondering what is going on, I have not lost my marbles by putting a really naff song by Typically Tropical, that flowered shirt wearing bunch of one hit wonders on an almost sane website. This is actually a very pleasant video of some dude holiday to Barbados (Panmunjon, that’s his YouTube handle) the music aside, this is a nice little video that gives you the excitement of going to Barbados. If you thought the mock Patois accent was “iffy” try the version of ‘Going to Barbados’ by the Goombay Dance Band! See our Barbados villas.

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